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Leagues Championships
Serie A
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Champions League
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GOLD moves to UMLEAGUE. All managers will be able to play by using the same username and password of Fantafoot. All managers will get an email from UML, providing the email they registered in FF is still active.

The end is nigh
Well, the end of this season is nigh, and so it is FF.
Whether the site will continue and precisely how is up in the air.
It was a pleasure to be your Fantasy (proper) Football dealer for 15 years, so thanks for playing.
Check back from time to time so see what happens, you might get a surprise.
Cheers, Bear

Winners of season 2014/2015
Coppa Campioni FFmaurus (paspa Runtu)
GOLDMist Hunter (Walking Abortions)
WHITEBrettFavre (Poetto Surfers)
SILVERmaspero (Silver Masperos)
BLACKBrettfavre (Banana's feet)
BROWNstorm77 (storm77)
BLUEBearhardy (My BLUE Team)

Winners of season 2013/2014
Coppa Campioni FFAncona (Ice Wind FC)
GOLDRonnie Rava (L'esercito delle 11 scimmie)
WHITEargento_rosa (Aberdeen)
SILVERfattiz (CarraresePropatria?)
BLACKPonz (Slumping Bats)
BROWNPonz (Autogoallers)
BLUEBearhardy (Blue is the new orannge)

Winners of season 2012/2013
GOLDAncona (Ice Wind FC)
Coppa Campioni FFOlaz (A.S. Cervia 1920)
WHITEPonz (King's Landing)
SILVERMist Hunter (Chevy Thunder)
BLACKPonz (Slumping Bats)
BROWNbortussia (Snoopy)
BLUEPonz (Morituri)

Winners of season 2011/2012
GOLDmaspero (Golden Masperos)
Coppa GOLDcyb (Cooky Snatch)
Coppa Campioni FFFox (Real Castagna)
WHITEargento_rosa (Aberdeen)
SILVERBender_CTO (Lady Oscar Forlan F.C.)
BLACKOlaz (A.S. Cervia 1920)
BLUEParis (Paris)

Winners of season 2010/2011
GOLDsghidio(Real Saragozza)
Coppa GOLDH2O (Atletico Strakanati)
Coppa Campioni FFboo99 (boo99)
WHITEsghidio(Atletico Sacrofano)
SILVERBUONAPESCA (braccino corto)
BLACKRonnie Rava (Dahlia)
BLUEargento_rosa (Aberdeen Red)

Winners of season 2009/2010
GOLDMist Hunter (Walking Abortions)
Coppa GOLDboo99 (boo99)
Coppa Campioni FFBearhardy (Malombra)
WHITEsghidio (Atletico Sacrofano)
SILVERalememen (silversurfer)
BLACKAncona (Kakatonen)
RAINBOWmark mol (M.M.M. Team )

Winners of season 2008/2009
Coppa GOLDKriStiAn (Sabbio Chiese)
Coppa Campioni FFPonz (Ponz Heare)
WHITEMist Hunter (White Rabbits)
SILVERBearhardy (Malombra)
BLUEJ0hnnyM (EuroMilan)
BLACKMist Hunter (The Black Rock)

Winners of season 2007-2008
GOLDPonz (Ponz Herae)
Coppa GOLDsghidio (Real Saragozza)
Coppa Campioni FFbortussia (La morte di Renato)
WHITEargento_rosa (Aberdeen)
SILVERzebrina4ever (no bug no party)
BLUEgibi (Bluette GB)
BLACKargento_rosa (Aberdeen)

Winners ofseason 2006-2007
GOLDJean (Les Miserables)
Coppa GOLDmark mol (Real Ultima)
Coppa Campioni FFdavide4v (Italia)
WHITEbortussia (La morte di Renato)
SILVERgibi (Argentea GB)
BLACKRonnie Rava (hurlyburly)

Winners ofseason 2005-2006 and WorldCup 2006
Coppa GOLDbona (Real Plaza)
Coppa dei Campioni FFmark mol (Real Ultima White)
WHITEPonz (Massive Attack)
SILVERMist Hunter (Juiceboxers)
BLACKMarkos (The Disperados)
RAINBOWmark mol (Real Ultima Mundial)
IRIDIUMdavide4v (Italia)

Winners of season 2004/2005
GOLDBrettFavre (S.Elia Rams)
Coppa GOLDRonnie Rava (L'esercito delle 11 scimmie)
FF Champions LeagueJean (Les Miserables)
BLUEPonz (Ponz Herae)
BLACKMarkos (The Disperados)

Winners of season 2003/2004 and 2004
GOLDSnowMan (Dublinia A.C.)
GOLD CUPPonz (Ponz Herae)
FF Champions LeaguePupo (Brescia's team)
WHITERonnie Rava (i soliti sospetti)
SILVERCDNP (FC Prynci Pianti)
BLACKPonz (Ponz Herae)
BLUEKyuss (Euro Vinxxx)
RAINBOWJean (Les Miserables)

Winners of season 2002/2003
GOLDMist Hunter (Walking Abortions)
GOLD CUPSS LAZIO 1900 (Irriducibili)
FF Champions Leaguegibi (Mundialita GB)
WHITEmaspero (White Masperos)
SILVERaldobera (TeamTBC)
BLACKMarkos (The Disperados)
BLUETequila (Teq it easy)

Winners of season 2001/2002 and 2002
GOLDJean (les miserables)
GOLD CUPSnowMan (Dublinia A.C.)
WHITEmark mol (Real Ultima)
GREENgibi (Piperita GB)
PLATINUMJean (Kiwi Magic)
BLACKmaspero (Black Holes)
BLUERiver (Bat Dance)
IRIDIUMMesfiolaz (Il subconscio di Ernesto)
RAINBOWgibi (Mundialita GB)